Oi! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Bonjourno!

Hello all!

I think it best to start from the beginning, no?

In my opinion, travel, love, and communication are all anyone would need to get by. So, why can’t I find my life’s “it” factor? I have traveled to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, and Brazil all in three years time. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, some French, and Italian. I have an abundant amount of love in my life. So again I say… Where is life’s “it” factor?

To a glancing eye, I would seem to have nothing to moan about, but to someone who actually knows me, I am treading in life’s shallow end.

Upon graduation, I applied to multitudes of meaningless jobs just so I could regain the health insurance I had rapidly lost (and this year regained—shout out to Obama). Apparently, a college education is not what gets you health insurance these days, or at least in 2008. Depressingly, I had enough part-time work for three college students. I needed a change.

Thus, Spain.

I sent myself to Spain. Literally. I postmarked my behind and off I was.  Who cares that I went without money, a job, friends, a place to stay (let alone live), or a visa? Those were minor details in comparison to my post graduation trauma.

As to why I would do this to myself, you may have to wait a few days. I’m off to Mexico for a much-needed vacation.

Adios, muchachos!


About whimsicalnomad

Recent grad still searching for life's "it" factor and traveling the world to find it.

One response to “Oi! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Bonjourno!”

  1. whimsicalnomad says :

    And for those of you interested, feel free to comment, share life experiences, or even your life’s “it” factor (if you are lucky enough to have one)!

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