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Oi! Hola! Bonjour! Hallo! Bonjourno!

Hello all!

I think it best to start from the beginning, no?

In my opinion, travel, love, and communication are all anyone would need to get by. So, why can’t I find my life’s “it” factor? I have traveled to Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, and Brazil all in three years time. I speak Spanish, Portuguese, some French, and Italian. I have an abundant amount of love in my life. So again I say… Where is life’s “it” factor?

To a glancing eye, I would seem to have nothing to moan about, but to someone who actually knows me, I am treading in life’s shallow end.

Upon graduation, I applied to multitudes of meaningless jobs just so I could regain the health insurance I had rapidly lost (and this year regained—shout out to Obama). Apparently, a college education is not what gets you health insurance these days, or at least in 2008. Depressingly, I had enough part-time work for three college students. I needed a change.

Thus, Spain.

I sent myself to Spain. Literally. I postmarked my behind and off I was.  Who cares that I went without money, a job, friends, a place to stay (let alone live), or a visa? Those were minor details in comparison to my post graduation trauma.

As to why I would do this to myself, you may have to wait a few days. I’m off to Mexico for a much-needed vacation.

Adios, muchachos!